Folklore Baby & Kids Partner Artisans


Folklore Baby & Kids Partner Artisans


Ronald's family has been in the shoe making business for over 40 years. His father started making shoes at a very young age, Ronald grew watching his father and became a natural himself. Ronald took the business over in the early 2000's and has grown the business internationally. He started a soccer school in his community as a way to give back. 10% of all of his sales go towards his school and helping children  have a healthy life though playing soccer. 

"Honored Guatemalans, design lovers and passionate to play with the infinite possibilities that exist in the local materials and objects of our country.

We are mothers of children who nourish and inspire us every day with their creativity, enthusiasm and in-born curiosity. Just as many women, the aim of this project is to be closer to our children. Giving good example and inspiring them.

LAMULTICOLOR is no only our brand, it is our dream!" Learn more about LaMulticolor.




The New Denim  manufacturing process is chemical-free, dye-free and uses minimal water and energy. Saving up to 20,000 liters of water for every kilogram of upcycled material. During their operation, they do not utilize any synthetic fibers, therefore our yarns and fabrics all remain 100% natural and biodegradable. Turning this excess waste into upcycled natural textiles, all created within  a closed-loop system where all material is transformed into one of higher value and utility. Learn more about upcycling.

Their production is based on eliminating the concept of waste, as their own waste from our upcycling process is later donated to coffee-growers to use as compost to grow specialty coffee in the highlands of Guatemala.

Their eco-industrial techniques have led us to reduce our carbon emissions, water and energy usage, and vastly minimize the consumption of new virgin raw material. Reusing discarded textiles that will allow for abundance and endless life cycles. Leading the way towards a sustainable and ethical industry, proudly operating under a circular economy, like the earth itself.  

Learn more about Iris Textiles.