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Behind the Scenes with Ettu Design

During our last sourcing trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we visited the studio of Ettu Design and had the honor to witness the work of Michelle Etienne, the Owner & Art Director. Ettu Design crafts Pima cotton bedding, clothing and accessories and has become a well-recognized brand amongst the local moms in Bolivia. The sweet but fresh designs have everyone enchanted! It was founded in 2011 with one passion: to create a handcrafted collection of products for babies and kids with high quality materials.

 Here’s the scoop behind the face of Ettu Design. Michelle is a successful business owner, wife and mother of two: Santiago & Zoe. She is an illustrator and graphic designer, with a Masters in Fine Arts from the Miami International University of Art & Design. With a passion for traveling, Michelle seeks inspiration in new places and different cultures, which is visible in her unique and creative designs. 

Her slogan “made with love“ is a true representation of her work; Michelle makes every product by hand and from scratch from beginning to end. Each design is hand-drawn and hand-cut by her; she creates unique colors by mixing them herself and finally prints the fabric by hand.


And this is what it takes to make a single blanket...

   **This design was requested specifically by an Ettu Design customer**

 We are very fortunate to work with such a gifted and hardworking artisan and mom! 

Gisa & Susana


Click here to check out the rest of her collection. 



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