FEATURED: August 1, 2016 
"Folklore Baby & Kids co-founder Gisa Heinz lets us in on the source of her entrepreneurial streak and the importance of raising her two girls with a connection to Guatemala. "  http://bit.ly/2acJc3S
FEATURED: August 11, 2016 
"Meet a bag who also believes in a made-by-hand mentality"
FEATURED: September 6, 2016 
" Sweet Latin American finds"

FEATURED: September 22, 2016 
"Closet Refresh"
FEATURED: November 29, 2016 
"The Wisdom of Folklore"
FEATURED: January 13, 2017
"Gisa & Susana las Dos Mujeres Latinoamericanas
Creadoras de Folklore Baby & Kids"
FEATURED: April 27th, 2017
"Folklore-Fashion With a Cause" 
FEATURED: May 15, 2017
"Folklore: An Artisan Concept Boutique"
FEATURED: July 26, 2017
"Flea Style Stories: Folklore Baby & Kids"
FEATURED: August, 2017
Colorful clothing for babies and children,
artisan made in Guatemala and Bolivia"
 FEATURED: May, 2018
"Meet Gisa Heinz of Folklore Las Niñas"


FEATURED: March, 2019 
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