Folklore Baby & Kids Partner ArtisansIRENE | LA PAZ 


Folklore Baby & Kids Partner ArtisansSTEFANY | LA PAZ 


Irene went to school for fashion design but she never actually practiced her profession. She became well known in the local community as the go to person for curtains and other home accessories. She grew to own he own sewing shop where she employs other local women. Irene was our first artisan and though FBK Irene has been able to explore her creativity and back to her true passion, fashion design. 

Stefany has worked with Irene from the beginning of her career. She’s detail oriented and extremely knowledgeable about Bolivian textiles and culture; helping FBK maintain the soul and integrity of the designs.







Patricia is the founder and CEO at Naynay. She grew up in the city of La Paz, where a very large majority of children grow up watching their mothers knit as part of their routine of life. This is why the knitting technique is so popular and highly skilled in this city. The 600 knitters that work with Patricia, which 100% are Aymara native women, know and master the knitting techniques since their very early years.

Their knitters work at their own workshops which are usually next to their homes or in their homes. This allows them to be close to their families and be aware of their children’s activities; thus, giving them a profession and empowering them to do what they love. 

Michelle, was the first designer we collaborated with and she has been with Folklore from the very beginning.  A busy mother of two, and owner of her studio in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, she’s an innate illustrator and graphic designer.

She employs local seamstress that have worked in large factories under bad conditions. Michelle and her team make every product by hand and from scratch from beginning to end. Each of her designs is hand-drawn and hand-cut by her and her team; she creates unique colors by mixing them herself and finally prints the fabric by hand.