Folklore was born from the aspiration to promote our unique cultures and wanting to do something of our own. We haven’t known each other for long but our Latin American roots and desire to make an impact by representing our culture bonded us almost immediately.

We threw many ideas on the table, from franchising a clothing line from South America to a hip coffee house with a play area for kids. But when casually talking about artisanal blankets from Bolivia and Guatemala-designed children swimsuits, it clicked and Folklore was born.

In May of 2015 with a colicky 3 month old, a 6 month old and a 2 year old screaming in the background, we decided to embark on this adventure. Babies crying, snacking and fighting for toys generally overshadowed our meetings but we still managed to get things done and pull through. We both have a go-go personality so not even the most determined toddler can stop us.

Folklore represents an adventure to us, because while we seek one–of-a- kind products we are embarking on a journey to continue to discover what makes our culture so unique. We are committed to promoting and empowering the amazing creative talent that distinguishes artisans and independent designers around Latin America. Folklore Baby & Kids is a diverse cultural manifestation thru fashion and design for our little ones.

With Folklore  we directly impact artisans by empowering them to continue to do their amazing work. And furthermore, sharing with the world the true greatness what shapes them.